QuickBooks Error 101 or “Can’t Reach” Error?

About QuickBooks Error 101

Error Code:Error 101Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:At times, while trying to access a certain URL on your Windows OS, QuickBooks Error 101 or “Can’t Reach” Error pops up on your screen.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:windows is unable to run Flash, Java, ActiveX & .Net Framework, Disabling the Script DebuggingApplies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:Crashes the program window, Windows runs gradually and responds step by step to mouse or reassure inputPossible Solution:Resolving the error on your Chrome web browser, General for Edge and Explorer running on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

QuickBooks is a great support to the companies running their business on a small or medium level. It helps with the accounting and finance processes. To help you get your work done faster and in a more efficient way, QuickBooks access the third-party applications too to utilize their potential in your business. Similarly, QuickBooks uses Chrome/Edge/Explorer to access web pages in order to complete certain processes. At times, while trying to access a certain URL on your Windows OS, QuickBooks Error 101 or “Can’t Reach” Error pops up on your screen.

What Causes Behind The Quickbooks Error 101?

QuickBooks error 101 “can’t Reach” occur while connecting your bank account and downloading bank feeds in QuickBooks:

  • When your windows is unable to run Flash, Java, ActiveX & .Net Framework this leads to Quickbooks Online Application Display QuickBooks Error 101
  • When you configured the internet settings poorly, these settings can be obstacles for quickbooks to connect with the internet.
  • Disabling the Script Debugging can also force quickbooks to display QB error 101 on the user’s screen.
  • Using outdated or blocked windows components can also lead to this error.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 101 (Can’t Reach) on your Web browser working on Windows OS?

QuickBooks error 101 has three simple methods that guide you in their own way to help you resolve.

  • Resolving the error on your Chrome web browser
  • General for Edge and Explorer running on Windows
  • Reconfigure Internet Explorer Setting with QuickBooks

If the QuickBooks error 101 “can’t Reach” continues, then you can try the below-described solutions for the error resolution:

1. Solution One: Resolving the error on your Chrome web browser

If you are using QuickBooks in the Chrome web browser and face QuickBooks Error 101 ”can’t reach” then you can use the below steps to fix:

  • Go to the settings of your chrome browser and clear the Cache and (Click Ctrl+Shift+Backspace)
  • Now, try to browse through the incognito mode. In case the Incognito Mode works it will mean that there is some problem with one of the extensions given in the browser.
  • Go to the address bar and type chrome://extensions. One by one, disable all of the extensions on your browser to figure out which one is malfunctioning.
  • In the next step, disable your antivirus and firewall temporarily.
  • You can also add Chrome as a trusted software in the settings of the above mentioned.

2. Solution Two: General for Edge and Explorer running on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

This method works in a general for Edge and Explorer running on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10.

Follow up:

  • Go to the Network Connections
  • Now, go to the Properties of the adapter.
  • Now find Internet Protocol Version 4 and Double-click on it.
  • Finally, use the Preferred DNS as 8.8.8 and alternative DNS as

3. Solution Three: Reconfigure Internet Explorer Setting with QuickBooks

Reconfigure the QuickBooks Internet connection setting by using the below-described methods:

Option 1: Add All Intuit® Websites as a Trusted Website

To add Intuit websites as trusted websites, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Just go to the internet explorer & click on the gear icon from the top right corner of your windows screen
  • Now, select Internet Options & next click on Trusted sites from Under the Security Tab.
  • Click on Sites Options & in the Add Website field type https://*.intuit.com & click to add.
  • Follow the same processor for all the other Intuit® websites
  • After adding all the websites just hit the close button & locate the Miscellaneous from under the custom level section by scrolling down.
  • Now enable the Allow Cross-Domain requests option & hit the Ok
  • Press Apply & then Ok
  • Now you have to Reopen The Internet Explorer & try to update the transaction once again in your quickbooks online.

Option 2: Reset The Internet Explorer’s Pop Up Settings

To reset the internet explorer pop-up settings you need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer & Hit the Alt+X Popup will Open
  • Hit the Privacy Tab & Select Advanced & Check Mark the Override Automatic Cookie Handling Option
  • While Performing the task, make sure to accept the First & third party cookies in your browser settings.
  • Now check-mark the always Allow Session Cookies option
  • Now at last click on Ok to save all the changes.

Option 3: Enable ActiveX Controls

To enable the ActiveX Controls, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Open your internet Explorer
  • Hit the Tools Button from the top right corner or Hit the ALT+X on your Keyboard
  • Now Click on the Internet Options on the screen
  • Now on the prompt screen you got, click on the security tab & look for Internet Zone.
  • In the internet zone there is a button named Custom level, Just hit that.
  • Another window will popup with list items to check marks.
  • Scroll down to find ActiveX Controls & Plug-ins options
  • There are Two options to Check Mark (Enable/Disable) Click on Enable.
  • Now hit the Ok button, A warning dialog will appear on your screen with the message “Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?”
  • Just hit the “Yes” Option
  • Finally Click on “Ok” option on Internet options pop-up to close the window.

Option 4: Enable TLS 1.2 & Change the Encrypted Pages Settings

To enable the TLS 1.2 setting, you need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Hit ALT+X & choose Internet Options & A new popup will Open.
  • In the pop-up window, click on last tab named “Advanced”
  • You will get a huge list of items to check or uncheck, you just have to scroll down until you find Use TLS 1.2.
  • Just check mark the Use TLS 1.2 
  • Now find another checkbox with the message “Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk”
  • Once you find that as well, click on the checkbox here too.
  • At last click on the “Ok” button to finish the process.
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  1. How do I fix Error 101 or can’t reach the error manually?

    From the QuickBooks homepage, click on the “Banking” menu. Now, choose the account that you need to update and then enter the multi-factor authentication credentials. At last, hit the continue button to finish the program, and then you will receive a notification including all required details.

  2. Is Error 101 or can’t reach error blocks the bank connection?

    Yes, it happens due to security reasons. The protocols of the internet security block the QuickBooks functions which are associated with your bank account. Before attempting any process, ensure internet connectivity. Sometimes, long-time processing interrupts the running bank processing.

  3. How to check-out the QB error 101 or can’t reach the error?

    Damage or missing company files are the major conflicts to check out the error 101 or can’t reach the error. This happens when the Banking server is down, internet security software blocks you from all work, and incorrect settings of the internet explorer.

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