QuickBooks Error 15215

QuickBooks error 15215 occurs when downloading payroll updates in QuickBooks desktop. Instead of downloading and installing the updates, the software fails to verify digital signature so the process fails and gives you this error. Generally, an application running in the background interferes with the downloading and installation process of the payroll updates, leading the process to fail and throw the error 15215.

The applications that cause QuickBooks error 15215 generally take a lot of internet bandwidth, leaving little for the other software. Since the connection to download updates times out, the update process fails. Further, security software such as windows firewall can also create problems when you’re trying to update your software. These software can block the network connection necessary for downloading updates.

In this post, you’ll learn more about how to fix QuickBooks error 15215.

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About QuickBooks Error 15215

Error Code:QuickBooks Error 15215Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:Unable to verify digital signature / Incorrect Configuration of Microsoft Internet ExplorerSoftware:QuickBooks
Cause:File damage/corruption due to virus or malware in present in the system, Improper or Incomplete download or of the file update.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:Slow & sluggish performance of your system windows, The system gets corrupted while running the same program.Possible Solution:Verify The TLS settings in The Internet Options Windows of IE, Run QuickBooks As a Windows Administrator

Description of Error

  • Error number: Error code 15215
  • Error name: QuickBooks Pro Error 15215
  • Description: Error 15215: Unable to verify digital signature / Incorrect Configuration of Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Developer: Intuit Inc.
  • Applies to: Windows XP, Vista 7, 8

What is QuickBooks Error 15215?

QuickBooks Error 15215 occurs mainly due to the different applications running in the backend of your system while attempting to download the payroll update. The application demands a strong bandwidth for the downloading process and it ends up obstructing the QuickBooks Payroll from creating links to the server. Another reason responsible is the Windows firewall program that hinders QuickBooks Payroll from getting updated. When the error occurs it displays an error message: Error 15215: “Unable to verify the digital signal”.

The QuickBooks 15215 error code indicates “Digital signature, you are restricted to verify/identify.” When this error occurs it ends up crashing all active apps windows. Windows begins functioning slow and the pointer of the mouse freezes at a point for a few seconds.

What Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 15215?

QuickBooks Error 15215 comes due to restricted internet, file damage, and incomplete update, below are some more causes mentioned:

  • Restricted internet connectivity due to firewall/Internet security issues.
  • Other application running in the background can also hinders the bandwidth connection you are using for downloading the update.
  • File damage/corruption due to virus or malware in present in the system.
  • Improper or Incomplete download or of the file update.

Symptoms of The QuickBooks Error 15215

QuickBooks error code 15215 when comes, some of the potential signs indicate us which are:

  • When suddenly all the active programs & applications are crashed again & again. This might be the biggest sign of QB error 15215.
  • System gets unresponsive while giving commands through keyboard & mouse.
  • Slow & sluggish performance of your system windows.
  • The Quickbooks showing message “Unable to verifying digital signature : Error 15215”.
  • Your computer becomes unresponsive after a span of time.
  • The system gets corrupted while running the same program.

System Requirements to avoid QuickBooks Error 15215

Precautions to take before Resolutions QuickBooks Error 15215

Quick Resolution of QuickBooks Error Code 15215

For QuickBooks Error 15215 we have listed below some Quick solutions that help you to fix:

  • Prior attempting the resolutions to fix the QuickBooks issue make sure that all the active programs in the backdrop is closed.
  • Thorough scanning of the virus/malware.
  • At times the program does not respond a program instantly. It might be due to low or very less memory available. Ensure while software download is going on or working within the software there should be enough free memory available for seamless execution of the system.
  • Perform complete uninstallation and then reinstallation of your QuickBooks program. Doing this can fix the issue instantly.
  • Repair and restore your Windows OS in your system and uninstall all the changes made.
  • The final important step is to clean all the junk files with the help of disk cleanup.
  • If any of the above solutions not helping you to get rid of Quickbooks error 15215, then you can consider to follow mentioned below methods.

Some Additional Solutions for QuickBooks Error 15215

Some additional solutions for how to fix QuickBooks Error 15215 are given below. Check out the list of solutions below:

  • Reboot Your System
  • Run QuickBooks As a Windows Administrator
  • Verify The TLS settings in The Internet Options Windows of IE

Below we are going to provide you step by step instructions to solve QuickBooks error 15215.

1. Method One: Reboot Your System

Steps For Windows Computer

  • Click on the windows Icon from the left bottom corner.
  • Click on Shut-down icon, Now you’ll see the options (Sleep/Shut-Down/Restart)
  • Now, Click on Restart button

Steps For Mac Computer

  • First of all click on the Apple Icon from the top left side corner of the screen.
  • From the drop down menu, There is “Restart” Option Available.
  • Hit the Restart button to Reboot the system

2. Method Two: Run QuickBooks As a Windows Administrator

To run QuickBooks as a windows administrator, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • First of all close all running programs & applications as well as Quickbooks itself.
  • Now navigate to the computer desktop & find the quickbooks desktop folder.
  • Now right click on Quickbooks Gear Icon, choose the “Run as Administrator” from the prompt window. (Note: If it redirects you to dialogue like this “Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?” then Click on Yes option.

3. Method Three: Verify The TLS settings in The Internet Options Windows of IE

To Check or Unchecked the setting of Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 & Use TLS 1.2 in the Internet options of Internet Explorer, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • First of all shut-down the quickbooks & it’s supportive applications.
  • Now, Run the Internet Explorer browser on your system.
  • Go to the tools icon then Internet Options Tab.
  • Now click on Advanced Tab. Now you’re in advance settings of the browser.
  • In the Advanced Settings Tab, There is a list of items to check or uncheck.
  • Now look for “Use TLS 1.0”, Once you find it. Please make sure to check it.
  • Now, look for Use TLS 1.1 & Use TLS 1.2, which need to be unchecked both of them.
  • Now, Hit on the “Ok” button to close the windows.
  • Now, You have to shut down Internet Explorer.
  • Reboot your system & at last try to download the quickbooks update again
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  1. Why does QuickBooks Error 15215 appear?

    Improper installation of QuickBooks Payroll or virus-infected Windows system is the major cause due to which QuickBooks Error 15215 appears. Sometimes, when a user tries to update the latest release of QuickBooks payroll and is unable to open it, this error might be encountered.

  2. What does QuickBooks Error 15215 define?

    The QuickBooks Error 15215 occurs when background running applications conflict with another application while downloading the payroll update. It might be blocking you from further processing and not accepting the digital signature.

  3. How would I correct the QuickBooks Error 15215?

    You can correct the QuickBooks error 15215 in four different ways such as rebooting the system, checking and verifying the utilization of TLS 1.0, and restarting the window in the selective start-up.

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