How to Import Accounts in QuickBooks?

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to convert or import files while working in the software. Whether it is any accounting software or any other. The problem remains the same with software.

QuickBooks, an accounting software, helps you in managing all your business transactions, financial accounting and bookkeeping, has now solution of all your problems related to “import Accounts in QuickBooks.” It has never been so easy “Importing Accounts into QuickBooks.” It is whether importing Accounts from any “existing company file” or from “excel.”

Importing Accounts from Company File (Existing)

Having an account maintained in an existing file and if it is in the program and you choose it to be exported to another file in QuickBooks. First, export the file to excel and then import it back to QuickBooks.

1. Exports Customers’ list

To import any Customers’ list, you need to export them first using the following steps.

  • QuickBooks dashboard
  • Click sales menu
  • Customer tab
  • Export button.
  • Once you click on the Export icon, all your customers’ data will be downloaded in excel file format and you will have all the necessary details.

2. Import Customers – in a new QuickBooks services

  • Select the settings tab present on the top panel.
  • Click on import data button present in drop down menu.
  • Select the customers and then click on tab(files).
  • Select the excel file that you downloaded.
  • Now navigate or select the path where you have saved the customers’ data.
  • Click to open the file to continue and the file that you clicked on will be imported in your new company.

3. Exporting the suppliers’ account

Whether it is “Exporting” or “Importing”, it will take almost the same time. Let’s look at the steps and follow them as per their order.

  • (Expense section) click the supplier’s tab
  • Click the export items
  • Now you will get your suppliers’ account downloaded

4. Importing The Supplier’s Account

  • Click the import button
  • Click the suppliers’ tab (select all the files)
  • Choose the .xls which you just have exported
  • Open and click continue
  • Get the message of successfully imported file.

5. Importing Accounts (Excel to QuickBooks)

  • QuickBooks home page, click on file tab.
  • Utility tab >> import file (click) >> select excel file
  • Say no if asked for various entries.
  • Advanced import slider (do as directed by software)
  • Then open the mapping dialogue

These are few steps that you need to follow while transferring any file, whether it is importing or exporting from or to QuickBooks, Excel. These are the certain steps you need to take care of while following the procedure.

Need Professional Help?

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