Integrate QuickBooks with Veem for Making International Wire Transfers

Veem announced today that they will be providing integration with QuickBooks online. Veem, formerly Align Commerce, simplifies global business payments with a different model for international wire transfers. Veem can also track payments and operates its services in over 60 countries. Users can use the services provided by Veem for sending and receiving money without involving any third party.

There are myriad benefits of integrating Veem with QuickBooks. For one, QuickBooks is a digital accounting software that lacks the functionality of making transactions without addons. By integrating Veem, users will be able to make International wire transfers from within QuickBooks.

Hence, sending, receiving and recording payments becomes substantially easier.

Benefits of using Veem

  • Easily send and receive money through International Wire Transfers
  • Users don’t need to pay wire fee for using both of these transparent
  • No additional bank fee for making domestic or international wire transfers.
  • Great Foreign Exchange.

Sherill Saxer, president of Veem client Dolphin Enterprises said, “The Veem platform is an essential tool for any small and medium business paying international vendors.” He also mentioned, ”Connecting Veem International Payment Platform with QuickBooks Online is an essential feature that will simplify international payments further by eliminating double entries and possible human errors.”

Further, users will be able to utilize the following QuickBooks tools for aggrandizing their overall experience:

  • Reporting: After recording data about wire transfers, users can analyze it through the reporting feature present in QuickBooks.
  • Recording deposits and withdrawals: By recording wire transfers, users will be able able to reconcile accounts easily by matching transactions with their bank statement.
    Marwan Forzley, founder and CEO of Veem said,”Part of Veem’s mission is to support the network of small businesses that help prop up the global economy.“ This comes as a benediction for small businesses as two giants are joining hands while tailoring their services for them.
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