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How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks

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Merge Customers in QuickBooks

When it comes to manage the accounts of customers of your business organization, QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and useful accounting tools. By using this accounting tool, it is very easy to add the complete details of any customer in your accounts. This business tool gives you option to manage the business accounts of all customers at one time.

But there can be some similar customers and you may want to make the management easy by merging them in your QuickBooks. If you are also looking to get this option of merging customers in your QuickBooks, it will be very helpful to manage the accounts of similar customers in your accounting tool.

If you are choosing the process of merging similar customers in your QuickBooks, it will delete the account of one customer and will assign all the data and information of that customer to another customer’s account. Before deleting the customer’s account for merging, it is also important that you delete the statements of that customer first. If you are merging the accounts of similar customers, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to reverse this process and the process of merging is always permanent in QuickBooks.

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Process to merge the accounts of similar customers

If you are looking to mars the similar customers in QuickBooks, you will choose the option of Customers.

  • You have to edit the customers to make them at same sub-level.
  • Then you will rename the name of one customer and then change it to the display name of other customer to merge both.
  • After saving the process of merging, the account of one customer will be deleted and then the information will be merged with other customers account.

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Need Professional Help?

To merge the similar customers in your QuickBooks tool, you can follow this manual process. If you are unable to use this process of merging, you will also that option to get the services of professionals. With your QuickBooks, you can easily find the professional technical support service providers who can solve your issues and problems online. You just need to find Online technical support services for your QuickBooks and they will serve you with best solution of your problem of merging the accounts of similar customers in your accounting tool. It is the best solution that you can get when you face any query about merging process. For more info, Call us 📞.

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