QuickBooks Error 1303: The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges To Access This Directory

About QuickBooks Error 1303

Error Code:Error 1303Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:This error is often encountered at the time of installing QuickBooks desktop. It basically indicates that the installer has insufficient privileges to access the path to the directory.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:If the system’s driver doesn’t have adequate capacity to save the installer files., Another cause could be that your Windows file sharing settings are incorrect.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:For some reason, I am unable to install QuickBooks software., The windows are freezing over and over again.Possible Solution:Editing the permissions for the appropriate folders, Turn off the simple file sharing

Are you seeking a simple fix for QuickBooks Error 1303: The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory? Don’t wonder anymore! You are on the right platform that helps you in fixing the installation error 1303. It is a common installation issue that is usually experienced if neither the ‘SYSTEM’ group nor the ‘Everyone’ group has Full Control privileges for the directory mentioned in the error message. However, this error can be very much annoying for the QuickBooks users to handle at times. To deal with this error, there are varieties of solutions available. This article gives you complete resolutions along with all possible causes and other related information for this QuickBooks Error 1303. 

Possible reasons that could lead to QuickBooks Error 1303

Although there aren’t many causes for error, there are a few that are typical. The system group is unable to access the directory due to a lack of full control, which results in this error. Alternatively, if there is a problem with QuickBooks’ setup. If the settings for Windows file sharing are incorrectly configured, the problem will occur for many reasons like:

  • If the system’s driver doesn’t have adequate capacity to save the installer files.
  • Alternatively, if the system group or the specified directory lacks full control privileges.
  • Another cause could be that your Windows file sharing settings are incorrect.
  • In the event that there is a technical issue with QuickBooks installation.

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1303

Now come to symptoms to identify this error at ease, you can check out the below list:

  • For some reason, I am unable to install QuickBooks software.
  • The windows are freezing over and over again.
  • If the issue appears on the system screen, it can also be detected.
  • Another sign of problem 1303 is if the windows interact slowly.
  • Windows is slow to respond or sometimes doesn’t respond at all.

System Requirements to avoid QuickBooks Error 1303

Precaution to take before Resolutions QuickBooks Error 1303

3 Different ways to deal with QuickBooks Error 1303: The installer has insufficient Privileges to access this directory

Use extreme caution to prevent QuickBooks error 1303. Let’s move on:

  • Download and Install QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Running the Utility
  • Manually resolve QuickBooks Error 1303
Note: It should also be mentioned that the utility may not run on Windows Vista owing to variations in file structures and permissions.

You can make a utility that restores the default settings for system groups and all group permissions. Manually changing the permissions for the system under full control and the folder C:\Document and Settings All Groups for all users is another option. Let’s have a look at each way individually:

Way #01: Download and Install QuickBooks Tools Hub

You can either download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub or follow the manual methods to resolve this error. You can also use the rebuild utility to fix the problem.

  • Initially, download the QB install diagnostic tool.exe file 
  • And then save the file on your system 
  • Next, make a double-click on the file icon and select “Run” when prompt to do so
  • Now, select the tab “All the options” with having a problem installing QuickBooks and then click “Ok”
  • After doing that, QuickBooks diagnostic tool automatically verifies the issue and tries to amend it. 

Way #02: Running the Utility 

The tool restores the default window settings for system groups and all group permissions. Running the utility may help to resolve the problem to some extent. Let’s look at the steps:

  • In the beginning, click on the link: permissionsfix.bat
  • Next, select the “Save” button in order to save the file on your affected system’s desktop 
  • Now, make a double-click on the file and it will open the DOS window in your desktop screen 
  • After that, type “Y” at prompt and with this run the script that will reset the permissions of the affected folders to the default settings 
  • Once done with that then you’ll be prompted “Are you sure that you want to continue? (Y/N)”
  • In your next screen, simply press any of the keys and exit the DOS window 
  • Follow the instructions that come on your screen after inserting QuickBooks CD and try once again to install it. 

Way #03: Manually resolve QuickBooks Error 1303

The last method that you can apply manually is changing the permission to full control for the system and everyone groups for the folder C:\Documents and settings\All users. The steps involved in this process are as follows: 

Step 1: Editing the permissions for the appropriate folders 

Steps to Edit Permissions for Appropriate Folders:

  • First, open the Run window by pressing the Windows + R keys from your keyboard 
  • In the open field, enter “C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES” path and then hit “Ok” 
  • This will open up the folder contents window 
  • Next, hit the option “Organize” in the folder window 
  • In windows 10, select the “Properties” option 
  • In the Properties window, select the “Security” tab 
  • After that, click the tab “Advanced” >>> “Edit”
  • Scroll down the list of permission entries and then select the “System User” by double-clicking on the same
  • Select the checkbox for the full control row in the allow column followed by click “Ok”
  • Repeat the steps with everyone group, if exists 
  • After that, check the “Replace all existing inheritable permissions” checkbox on all descendants with inheritable permissions
  • Hit the “Ok” button 
  • End this, by installing the QuickBooks Desktop.  

Step 2: Turn off the simple file sharing 

Steps to Turn off the simple file sharing:

  • To start with opening the Run window by pressing the Windows + R keys 
  • Copy and paste the RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 0 in the open run window and then hit the “Enter” key 
  • Next, go to the “Advanced Settings list” on the View tab 
  • And clear the use simple file sharing checkbox   
  • At last, select the “Ok” button and then move to QuickBooks Desktop installation process.

These steps should help to fix the error. But in case there’s no solution or users need more information on the issue, they should call our QuickBooks Desktop experts Team at CALL NOW for 24X7 expert assistance across the world.

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  1. Why did I receive the QuickBooks Error 1301?

    This error might happen when you forget to create the directory. The user has to be sure that a file with this type of name already exists. You need to remove or rename the file. After this, you can retry to click on the Cancel option to exit.

  2. What are the causes of QuickBooks error 1301?

    There are several reasons behind this error such as permission problems, incorrect patches installed, availability of older installation, incomplete packages being installed, shared components unable to match the requirements.

  3. How can I fix the QuickBooks error 1301 manually?

    You can fix this error manually just by finding the folder named in the error warning. This solution is applicable for window 7 users. Hit the click on the Start button and then enter the folder name which is given in the error warning in the search box. Press the enter Key and search for the folder. Once you find it and hit the right-click on it. Choose the Rename option. After that, open your QuickBooks and try again to run the Program.

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