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Quickbooks Import Excel or Spreadsheet Not Responding

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Reasons for QuickBooks not responding when importing from excel are QuickBooks isn’t up to date Edition of Microsoft excel isn’t compatible with the available edition of Quickbooks desktop, Damage to Microsoft office program files, Windows user accounts control (UAC) interfere with the programs, Damage to QuickBooks program files

Error: QuickBooks not Responding when Importing Excel or Spreadsheet data

QuickBooks import excel does not respond error occurs when users try to import data from a spreadsheet into the accounting software. Compatibility issues are a big culprit here because incompatible versions of excel will lead to the accounting software not responding. So, you’ll have to check for upgrades. Further, updating the workbook or excel itself can help you in resolving the error and importing your data successfully into your books.

Causes of QuickBooks Excel Import Not Responding error

We’ve already given the reasons for the occurrence of this error. So here are the causes for QuickBooks import excel or spreadsheet not responding include:

  • User hasn’t installed the update patch that fixes this issue
  • User has an incompatible version of Microsoft Excel
  • Malicious software has damaged program files related to Microsoft excel
  • Malicious software has damaged program files related to QuickBooks desktop
  • User doesn’t have administrative privileges to use the feature

3 Simple Steps Solutions for Quickbooks Excel Import not Responding Error

Let’s finally get to the solutions. Even though you may have not identified the underlying cause for the error, you can still proceed with the solutions one by one. If a particular solution resolves this error, then you can get back to work.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Install QuickBooks Desktop Updates

Install QuickBooks Desktop Updates

Several users who encountered the same error were able to resolve this error by simply updating their accounting software. Update patches for QuickBooks often address and fix issues found in the previous releases.

So an easy way to get rid of QuickBooks spreadsheet not responding error in by following these steps to update your software:

💠 Start QuickBooks without launching any Company File.
💠 In the no company file window, click on the Help option from the main menu.
💠 Click on Update QuickBooks Desktop
💠 Choose the Options tab, which offers you a list of all the updates available for your edition of QuickBooks desktop.
💠 Choose the Mark All option so that you won’t have to identify the update that really fixes this issue.
💠 Choose the Save option, then proceed to the Update Now tab.
💠 In this tab, mark the Reset Update option so that QuickBooks can delete all the previous update files and clear any conflicts that may arise.
💠 Go to the Get Updates button and click on it.
💠 Once QuickBooks has downloaded the update files, exit the program.
💠 Click Yes to confirm the installation of QuickBooks updates on your system.

If you’re not logged into Windows with an admin account, then you’ll most probably be prompted for authentication details of an admin account. Without authentication from an administrator, you cannot install these changes on your system. Further, if you’re not prompted for authentication details and the program simply stops responding and crashes.

Step 2: Repair Microsoft office

Repair Microsoft office

If for any reason, the program files related to Microsoft Excel are damaged, then you won’t be able to import or export data without encountering this issue.

Here are the steps to repair Microsoft office so that QuickBooks import will start responding:

💠 Right-click on the Start button on the left corner of your screen.
💠 Click on Apps and Features.
💠 Click on Microsoft Office.
💠 Choose the Modify option.
Note: the modify option launches the repair utility, which works by fixing all the program files. This obviates the need to reinstall the software.
💠 Choose Repair.
💠 Follow the instructions to complete the repair process.

In some cases, users have found it helpful to reinstall Microsoft Office after deleting all its program files. But our experts don’t recommend that you follow such a route, because the main cause of the error may be a lot different.

Step 3: Check System Requirements

Check System Requirements

QuickBooks isn’t compatible with all versions of Microsoft office. So if you’re using an incompatible version of excel spreadsheets with your edition of QuickBooks desktop, then QuickBooks will stop responding.

To ensure that you have the correct version, you can check the system requirements for your edition of QuickBooks desktop, or reach out to us for the same information via chat or call.


QuickBooks not responding when importing from excel or spreadsheet implies several causes that can be addressed with the solutions that we’ve provided in this post. Go through these solutions and apply them one by one. Further, you can also try to work from an admin account, as standard users lack many permissions.

Note: Does QuickBooks still stop responding? Get in touch with our team of accounting software experts now via chat or call.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can I disable user account controls to get QuickBooks to respond when importing from excel?

    As an admin user in windows, you can alter the user account control settings that may be interfering with the import process. You can go to the Control Panel and find the user account control settings option. If you set the setting to Never Notify, then restart your system, you shouldn’t receive such an error if this was the cause behind it.

  2. Should I reinstall the program to fix QuickBooks not responding during excel import?

    We recommend against it because you always have the repair option to fix files that are related to the QuickBooks desktop. If you do want to reinstall QuickBooks, then it’s your choice. But repairing the software is an easier and faster option.

  3. How do I delete all the Microsoft office excel program file data?

    Microsoft offers a free utility that you can use to clear program files related to office programs. Sometimes it’s necessary to do so before you reinstall the program or install an upgraded version. You can also launch your system in safe mode and manually delete all the files that you don’t want on your system.

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