QuickBooks POS Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated

QuickBooks Merchant Account

QuickBooks software provides merchant accounts to process credit/debit card payment transactions. At times, users while making a payment transaction using QuickBooks Point of Sale, QB POS, get the message “Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated”. This is one of the common problems in QuickBooks Desktop software. What do you do? What is the cause of this error and how do you solve it? This article will guide you on this.

Causes of QuickBooks POS Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated

There can be several reasons for this problem such as follows:

  • Your QuickBooks POS is not the latest one
  • You are using an old version of QuickBooks Desktop Software
  • You have entered the wrong Merchant Account
  • Your account is not activated yet
  • Your modem or Internet connection may not be set up correctly or working properly etc.

Solutions of QuickBooks Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated

QuickBooks software like any other software has its occasional technical glitches, which as a user you can try to solve on your own or get professional help. When you get the error message QuickBooks Merchant Account Could Not Be Validated, you can try the following basic methods to solve the following:

  • First of all, install the latest release of QuickBooks Point of Sale. That is QB POS 18.
  • Uninstall your discontinued version of QuickBooks desktop software. Upgrade it to the newer version.
  • Make sure that the Merchant Account entered is exactly the same as provided.
  • Sometimes, even when you open a Merchant Account, it may not be activated. Contact Merchant Service Center to activate your account and once the activation is completed, only then you can start your payment transactions.
  • Go to Preferences, Select the Communication Setup, and ensure that you have set up the correct connection type so that your Internet connection is secured.
  • Also, ensure that your modem is working fine
  • Check for loose telephone connections and ensure that they are properly connected and working.

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