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QuickBooks Desktop is known across the world for its fabulous features. However, there are a few of them which don’t work unless you install their extension or update their settings. Such features require special permission from the administrator.

So, if you are looking forward to activating one of such features/services, you need to have the administrator rights. We are going to help you setup QuickBooks ProConnect Tax Online. The AccountingErrors help-team is always there to help you out if you needed. Follow the guidelines carefully to start and access QuickBooks Proconnect.


You are trying to start/access QuickBooks ProConnect but you are unable to do it because it involves some technical tit-bits to complete the task. Follow the solutions provided below to be able to use QuickBooks ProConnect.

Starting/Accessing Resolving QuickBooks Proconnect Tax Online

Follow these simple solutions to enable the ProConnect on your QuickBooks Online:

1. From Within The QBOA Form:

Follow all the given steps carefully to activate QuickBooks ProConnect on your QuickBooks Online:

  • Go to your QuickBooks Online Accountant and click the Hamburger (☰) icon and expand the navigation menu.
  • Now, go to YOUR PRACTICE and choose CLIENTS.
  • Go to the client list and locate the specific client.
  • You’ll see the TAX RETURN column. Go to the column and click on the corresponding hyperlink. (Note: In case the clienthas no Tax Return labelled to him, go to the empty tax return field to find the link 20XX: START TAX RETURN.
  • The ProConnect Online for the particular client will open up in a new window.
  • You are able to access ProConnect and start the tax return filing on your QuickBooks Online.

2. From within The Company of A Client:

It’s a simple method. Just follow these guidelines to help yourself out with it:

  • Go to the QBOA and hover to its top-left. Now, click the Briefcase icon and it will open the Accountant Tools menu on your screen.
  • Now, find the client you are working with. Go to the ACTIONS column and use the drop-down menu to be able to see their return or create a new one if you can’t see a return.

These simple solutions provided above should activate your QuicBooks ProConnect Tax Online. You can do multiple tasks at it for ProConnect is loaded with features.

Need Professional Help?

However, if you face any error while activating QuickBooks Pro, or if you need technical assistance to start/access QuickBooks ProConnect, we advise you to get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support Team. You can call anytime at our QuickBooks toll-free helpline to connect with our highly trained experts.

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