How to Fix QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Error Message? – [Resolved]

It is important to have Transaction Pro Importer installed with QuickBooks to facilitate an easy and beneficial environment for small and medium-sized businesses. However, sometimes it isn’t possible because of some errors associated with TPI and its Enterprise Versions on your Windows OS-based computer system.

QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Error Messages appear on the screen if there is some discrepancy between the data sharing and application alignment. Our AccountingErrors team will guide you through troubleshooting steps of the two most common TPI errors.

Causes behind QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Error Message

The reasons that cause QuickBooks TPI error messages are listed below:

  • TPI Enterprise Version is Unable To Read the Data files
  • TPI Unable to Read Data File Error

Symptoms of QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Error

System Requirements to avoid QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Error

Precautions to take before resolutions QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer Error

Types of TPI Errors and their Resolutions

1. Problem No.1: TPI Enterprise Version is Unable To Read the Data files

There are two possible causes for this error: First, the server doesn’t have read/write permissions; Second: The server doesn’t have enough resources (i.e. Memory or CPU) on it. These situations are often combined with a few other conditions, which are:

  • Transaction Pro Importer Enterprise Version is installed on the server, or;
  • QuickBooks Desktop is installed on the server, or;
  • MS Office installed on the server, or;
  • Transaction Pro Importer, QuickBooks Desktop and MS Office; all installed on the server

Solution: Troubleshooting TPI Unable to Read Data File Error:

Steps to fix QuickBooks TPI unable to read data file error message:

  • Go to the Control Panel of your computer system.
  • Click on Uninstall/Change option on the Control Panel window
  • Look out for TPI and left-click it.
  • Choose ‘Uninstall’
  • Hit OK.
  • Once TPI is uninstalled, download TPI Once again.
  • Search for TPI setup and find the .exe file.
  • Double-click on it.
  • Follow the prompt on the screen to install TPI successfully
  • Once Transaction Pro Importer is reinstalled, check the Data File again on it.
  • Verify that Transaction Pro Importer can read the data file.

2. Problem No.2: TPI hanging and unable to import problems on QuickBooks

  • Bay state TPI Enterprise Version often hangs and at times does not import.
  • This problem could be because of a defective data file or outdated services.

Solution: TPI hanging and unable to import problems on QuickBooks:

  • The tool couldn’t run properly because of the unavailability of the resources on the server.
  • Contact QuickBooks Tech Support Team to understand more about the problem and resolving resources issue.
  • When you launch QuickBooks, ensure that you are signed in with Administrative rights. To be able to do so, follow the below-mentioned process:
    • Exit from QuickBooks and other applications.
    • Go to the desktop and right-click QuickBooks Desktop icon
    • Select Run with Administrative rights from the list.

These are two of the most common Transaction Pro Importer errors on QuickBooks.

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