How to Delete a Payroll Instead of Voiding it at Sage 50?

When you run an organization, managing employee payroll is an important aspect.

About Sage 50 Payroll:

Sage 50 offers a digital solution to help you manage employee payroll properly. You can customize the platform depending on the number of employees no matter whether it is 10, 20 or 100. Sage 50-payroll system enables users to have an accurate, quick and efficient payroll management.

Whatever payment and deduction options are needed, all are included in the system itself. This helps in the automatic calculation of the payments to be made to employees. Sage 50 Payroll System also has Online Payslips option, which a user can choose for automatic generation of payslips. Though the management of the payroll gets better and easier in Sage 50, there are some complications that users may face.


Sage 50 Payroll is one of the Products of Sage 50 Software. The Sage 50 Payroll is used for making payments and managing Payroll Processes like Payslips. Sometimes Sage 50 payroll also faces a few issues.

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There are instances where you may generate payroll for employees but then you realize something is wrong with it.
• The most common issue with Sage 50 payroll system is finding out a particular pay being made twice. In this case, the duplicate payment made is required to be deleted. (Refer to Solution 1)
• In few situations, you may want to delete some pay elements you don’t want to keep in your database. The information does not really harm your system but to make it robust, it is required that you keep it free of any redundant data. (Refer to Solution 2)
• The third type of issue with Sage 50 payroll is where users look for ways to delete some payroll fields that are not required. (Refer to Solution 3)


When it comes to solving a Sage 50 payroll issue, there are two alternatives to handle it. One is voiding the payroll and the other is deleting the same. Of course, voiding a payroll is usually chosen for the purpose. When a data is declared void, it means it is not fit for further use. But then, there are some situations where void elements become great confusions.

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Plus, voiding the payroll may lead to tax liability reporting in cases where the paycheck is voided with a date different from that of the original cheque date. Hence, some users prefer deleting the payroll. When you delete the payroll, your database is free from unnecessary dataset. This is why users prefer to delete a payroll instead of voiding it at Sage 50.

Steps to Delete a Payroll in Sage 50:

Sage 50 has to delete a payroll instead of voiding it. If the user has made a payment twice unknowingly, they must delete it and make the payment again.

Read the Steps Below on how to delete a Payroll in Sage 50

Solution – 1

If your problem is Issue No. 1 of the Issues section i.e. you have made a payment twice, you can delete the payroll. To reverse/delete the payroll, you can:
1. Open the paycheck journal. This is the window that allows you to access the employees so that you can prepare a paycheck.
2. You will find a few small icons at the top of the window. There you find an icon for adjusting entries.
3. Select the wrong entry or payroll that you generated mistakenly.
4. Reverse the entry.

Solution – 2

To delete the payroll element that you don’t want to use further, you can:
1. Change in use to No.
2. Click on the payment element you wish to delete.
3. Press F8

Solution – 3

To delete the payroll field that is not required, you can:
1. Go to Maintain/Default menu. Choose Info/Employee.
2. Click on the Employee Field tab.
3. You can delete the field there.

Note: In case you have already used the same field somewhere before, you will not be able to delete that field. If you still wish to delete it, you will have to delete the paychecks containing the particular field. You can then follow the above-mentioned steps to delete the fields.

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