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Sage 50 Installation Error 1324

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Sage 50 was earlier known as Sage but it is still remembered by its old name. Sage 50 is one of the most extensively used accounting software in the world. The solution is known to offer a great deal of benefits to all sorts of users. Though, you may face a technical bug while installing or while using the solution. And, one the common errors that can happen while installing or while using Sage 50 accounting is ‘ Sage 50 Error 1324’.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Installation Error 1324

‘1324: The path to [directory] includes an invalid character’.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the problem.

Major Causes of The Sage Error 1324

Sage error 1324 is caused because the windows system is set on another language other than English.

Read More below in detail:

There are two main causes of this issue:

  • One of them is the inclusion of incorrect and inept characters inside directory which is present in the error.
  • Furthermore, if the user profile is corrupted in that case also the user will get this error.

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How to Resolve The Sage Error 1324

Sage Error 1324 can be solved by simply changing the language back to english by default & then reboot your computer.

Read more in detail below:

1. Method One: The initial step consists of eliminating all the incorrect characters inside directory present in the error

  • To achieve this, browse via the directory which is present in the error message.
  • In case you find any non-alphanumeric inclusions in the title of the folder inside directory then you just have to right-click on folder. After you are done right clicking, select the option that reads as Rename. After choosing rename, just eradicate all the non-alphanumeric inclusions which are therein the title.
  • Though, if only alphanumeric inclusions are in the directory then you would have to follow the resolution two to fix the error.

2. Method Two: Make a new user profile

  • The second resolution consist of steps of creating a fresh user profile. To do that, choose the link present in the‘Additional Information’area for the edition of Microsoft Windows. After choosing additional information, go ahead with the steps to make a fresh user profile.
  • Once, you are done making a fresh profile, log out of Windows.
  • Now, sign in again to Windows, but with the fresh user profile that you just created. You would have to now checkif you are able to successfully install Sage 50 or not.

Warning linked to the Operating System

In order to execute the above mentioned troubleshooting methods, you may require full knowledge as well as complete understanding of the operating system. Though, you can feel free to get in touch with the system administrator for help in order to follow the steps easily.

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