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Features of Sage 300 ERP

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Features of Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP Overview

sage 300 ERP is an affordable and easy-to-use and a trust-worthy enterprise management and accounting applications software. The software serves a range of businesses, both small and medium-sized. Whether your business is located in several locations or in the same city where you live or even across international borders, Sage 300 enables you to manage your finances, operations, and inventory in numerous languages and currencies.

Sage 300 ERP Key Features

There are end number of features of the Sage 300 ERP, some of which are cited here below:

  • Sage 300 allows user(s) to smoothly put together the sales and service functions for efficient, end-to-end financial management with enhanced financial reporting and compliance.
  • Sage 300 helps users to make the most of the user’s sales and distribution process with better management of sales.
  • Sage 300 modernizes your entire process of purchase, from the time you order to the time of receipt. Create thorough, correct records of every purchase with its purchasing management tool.  
  • Furthermore, it allows the user to carefully access critical data in order that the user is able to identify issues, as/when they arise, make a truthful scrutiny and take instant action to improve performance.
  • With Sage 300’s updated inventory management software for the distributors, the user has absolute control over the warehouse inventory, and can correctly track stock and improve satisfaction  of customer without any difficulty.

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