Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error


Sage 50 is an Accounting Software that is mostly in use in the US. The Sage Software is very much in demand because of it is easy to use and with different features, which helps the Businesses grow more efficiently. Sage 50 although Sometimes come across some errors due to a few issues, one of them is “Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error” which is going to be discussed in this article.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error

The Connection Manager could not start the Database Engine

Causes of Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error

The Cause for Sage 50 Cannot Open Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error is because the Server is not installed or the Server does not have Connection Manager.

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  • An Important File is missing from SAJ Folder
  • When the user deletes a file or folder related to Mysqld.exe, Mysqld-nt.exe or an anti-virus
  • The Connection Manager was blocked by the firewall
  • The User is unable to login to services in windows
  • When a File is Damaged, Corrupted or Deleted and there is an Issue with .NET framework
  • When all the important data permission locations is shared by the account face server

Solution to Fix Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error

To Solve Sage 50 Not Responding to the Database because the Database Engine Reported an Error close all the running file and stop Sage 50 software from the system.

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Solution 1

  • The User has to login to their Computer as Administrator
  • From the Control Panel, Choose Administrative Tools and then Select Services
  • Stop the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and then Right Click and Start it
  • Open Company File

Solution 2

  • Close Sage 50 from all systems
  • The user has to go to the Computer Task Manager that holds the Windows Database
  • Choose the Process Tab
  • End mysqld.exe. from the name lists to display the process to all users
  • Reopen Data File

Solution 3

  • The System has to be Rebooted
  • To Login into the System the User has to have Administrative Rights
  • The MySQL ODBC 3.51 from the system must be Uninstalled
  • After Uninstalling, Install the MySQL ODBC 3.51.19 Again
  •  Sage 50 Company files have to be Copied from the original location first  and then pasted to different location.
  • Check if the recently copied files can be open without any issue
  •  Copy The Sage 50 Company files and paste them back to their original folder

Solution 4

  • Other Files should be able to Open in the System Network
  • Once the Files are opening without any problem then the .SAI file and .SAJ folder has to be copied from the Sage 50 Company file to a different location like the system’s desktop.
  • From the desktop, Open Sage 50 software and open the company files
  • On the Server as a shared folder that has complete control permission the user has to Create a new folder
  • The Sage 50 Company File should be copied to the new folder
  • Check Company File can be accessed
  • If the Files cannot be accessed run an Advance database to check for the errors
  • Restore the file from the backup

Additional Solutions For Sage 50 Cannot Open the Database

Solution 1:

  • The antivirus real time protection should be shut down
  • Shut Down the “Ransomware Protection” only or configure the folder so that it is not a Protected Folder, If Bitdefender 2016 and higher is installed
  • Open the Data File

Solution 2:

A network drive has to be mapped to the data. Mapping a network drive is a procedure to connect to a shared network folder.

Follow the Steps Below:

  • Pick the Start choice
  • Enter This PC into the inquiry box, pick This PC
  • Hit Computer and afterward pick Map network drive
  • It will show a brief, select an accessible letter from the Drive list
  • Enter the way into the organizer box to the common organization envelope with design \hostnamesharename, in which the hostname is the name or organization gadget (IP address) and share name is the common organization envelope name.
  • Hit Browse to find the envelope you want to plan on the organization
  • Choose Finish button
  • Find This PC to see the planned drive

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