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Sage 50 Cloud Hosting : Benefits & Features

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Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Benefits & Features

What is Sage 50 Cloud Hosting & How Usefull It is?

Sage 50 is trustable bookkeeping software, which can be hosted on the Cloud server to access software data anytime & anywhere. Now these days, many users likes Sage 50 clouds based due to its beneficial features. It does not only make bookkeeper & accountant to work collaboratively, but also its backup process make the software safe and secure certainly.  

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting is formally known as the Sage 50c.  It offers user friendly accounting software programming and robust bookkeeping solution for small and medium size business.

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Benefits

The Sage 50 provides access to up to 50 employees at the same time as per business requirements of enterprises. Well, it has supportive nature of cloud hosting with great compatibility.

It will automate your business and surely minimize the manual work. It not only manages many clients, but also increase the production and revenue of your firm.

1. Saves Money and Time

This software provides a wide range of software such as Sage 50 complete Accounting, Sage 50 Pro Accounting, Sage 50 Premium Accounting, Sage 50 Accounting by industry, Sage 50 Quantum Accounting and more. 

All these software are compatible with Sage 50 cloud hosting. It will certainly save the user’s time and money. It will make faster your company production with the collaboration with Sage cloud hosting services.

2. Numerous User Sage Cloud Hosting

It will permit the user access their company files from anytime, anywhere through a secure internet connection. Cloud hosting empowers their work from home, office or even through customer location directly. One of the most prominent feature is that they can access their company files in multi user mode. As a result, many users can work in same work file from anytime, anywhere.

3. Assurance of high Availability

Through this inbuilt feature, the user will get 100 % of availability of their accounting workload. Sage 50 accounting application makes their business management quicker and easier. It has become most preferable choice for the business with desktop hosting and Sage 50 cloud hosting. It is reliable and secure online accounting application.

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Features

1. Data Access from Everywhere:

All you need is an active internet connection and Sage 50 cloud hosting feature enables you to access your data from anywhere at any point of time.

2. Backup:

Now, all your data and files whether it is unintentionally deleted or you have done so, is now safe and secure with Sage 50 Cloud Hosting feature. A backup remains in the cloud server for few days and you can take backup of your files.

3. Supported Versions:

All the editions and versions are supported by cloud hosting of Sage 50

4. Cost Effective :

The Cloud Hosting feature is very cost effective and no setup is required. All you need is you have to log-in and you will be able to access all your data and files.

5. Mobile and invoicing:

It enables Users to Invoice Customers and accept all payments in no time with the help of online or mobile invoicing.

6. Sales Optimization Feature:

Now, you can easily keep track all the transaction of and by your customers. You can easily create & manage proposals and quotes so that you can easily convert them into sales.

7. Expense management:

Now you can control your cash flow and expanses. No need to miss or forget any payment. You can keep check on all your expanses and payments.

8. Dashboards:

Now, you have very easy and frequent access of information through Sage 50 Cloud Hosting dashboard. Through which, you can easily keep check on where your business is going and how it is performing. You can, very frequently, keep check on all expenses, inventory in hand and available cash details.

9. Payroll:

It is very important feature of Sage 50 Cloud hosting. It is built-in and provided right at your service. Now, you can pay to your employees very easily with the help of Payroll feature.

10. Reporting and Accessibility:

With this, you have everything in front you and just a single click away. All your expenses and upcoming expenditures, losses and profits, sales and tax reports are now made handy for you and for your accountant to analyze your business and performances.

11. Stock Management:

Sage 50 Cloud hosting feature helps you in maintaining and managing all stocks and inventory and it gets automatically updated with all valuations and stock levels. You can easily integrate it with Microsoft Office 365 and very frequently access all its features from anytime. You are also provided the flexibility to select the feature according to your requirement.

12. Reconciliation:

This is the most influential key feature of Sage 50 Cloud hosting. The reconciliation process should be done on regular basis just to keep check on your business activities. All applicable accounts including bank accounts, loans, credit cards, payroll liabilities and there are many more. All these must be reconciled time to time. This should be done so that you can keep check on how much you have spent on products and services and for its use in organization.

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Features Infographics

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