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Sage 50 is an application that connects to real-time data through its own software, the Connection Manager. The Connection Manager updates your data in real-time without needing a manual file save from third party software and must be installed on the computer to the server where your company data is stored.

Let’s have a glance at the reasons behind having “Sage 50 connection information is not available for global” error: 

Mentioned Below are the Causes behind “Sage 50 connection information is not available for global” error: 

  1. The Sage 50 Connection Manager Service is not running on the computer that contains your data.
  • If the data is local, the Connection Manager service might be Disabled in the windows services setting.
  • If the data is stored on a server, the Connection Manager is not installed and running on that server.
  1. If upgrading, not all installations on the network have been upgraded, specifically the computer that stores the data.
  2. A Windows Image of Windows icon pngUpdate is pending.
  3. The file sharing and security settings may be corrupted if the data is in My Documents (or Documents) or any other folders on the computer.
  4. The installation of the program did not fully complete even though it may have indicated it did.
  5. Once you have updated to Windows Image of Windows icon png10, the service fails to start back up on its own or has been disabled. 

How many ways to resolve Sage 50 connection information is not available for global” error?

Go through the below listed resolutions one by one to rectify the error within a short span of time.

Things to be considered before moving ahead:

  • Check for pending Windows Update do updates if there is. 
  • Disable antivirus, firewall or any security program temporarily.
  • Make sure the connection manager version on server and workstation are the same. If it’s not, ask for help to fix this error “the latest version of the Connection Manager is not installed on the database server, <server name>”.
  • Confirm that the sample company opens, if not then go for it. 

Resolution I: To Start the Sage 50 Connection Manager using the icon in the System tray

Read Below to see how to start the Sage 50 Connection Manager using the icon in the System tray:

  1. First, double- click the Sage 50 Connection Manager icon in your system tray (found in the lower right corner of your desktop by the clock). If your data is hosted on a server, you need to follow the same steps on your server.
  2. If still not found, open windows explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\winsim\ConnectionManager. 
  3. Give a double-click on the Simply.SystemTrayicon.exe file. 
  • If you see the status as “Running: No”, select Start Service.
  • If you find the status as “Running: Yes”, select Stop Service and then Start Service.
  1. If the button for starting/stopping the service is missing then you need to do an installation repair or uninstall Sage 50. 

Resolution II: To start the Connection Manager Service in Windows Services

Read Below to see how to start the Sage 50 Connection Manager Service in Windows Services:

  1. On the Windows Task bar under Search type Services, double click the Services apps.
  2. Now scroll down to the services list and hit on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and then verify if the Startup Type column is on Disabled, Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start).
  3. If Disabled: 
  • Give a right click on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and then select Properties.
  • Go to the General tab and change the Startup type to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start) 
  • Hit on Apply.
  • Press Start button to start the service.
  • Try to open the Database now. 
  1. If it is on Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start) but the Service Status is “Starting” (as opposed to Started):
  • Ensure that Sage 50 is closed.
  • Access the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and click on the Processes tab.
  • Hit the “Show processes from all users” button.
  • End all related Sage 50 processes, especially the “Sage 50 Database Connection Manager” (if you are unable to end the process, move forward to reboot the computer to clear out the cache).
  • In the Services window, right-click on the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and click Start.
  • Service Status should now be “Started” (or “Running”).
  • Then hover over your Sage 50 file again.
  1. If it does not open, try to uninstall the Connection Manager.


Hopefully, this write-up seems helpful for you especially when you are in need but in case you are unable to resolve the issue alone and willing to get some advice and suggestions, feel free to get in touch with the Sage 50 professional experts. They are always available to assist you with instant and cutting-edge solutions. So, don’t take stress if your system doesn’t allow you to proceed as we are here to make your life facile and trouble free. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How can I uninstall the Sage 50 Connection Manager?

Check out the steps mentioned below if you are willing to uninstall Sage 50 Connection Manager.
1. Firstly, you need to backup your data onto a USB or other external device.
2. Select Control Panel, Programs and Features. 
3. Navigate to Sage 50 Accounting Version <year> and uninstall it right away.
4. Also, remove both MySQL OBDC connectors.
5. Now, switch to Windows Explorer. C:\Program Files (x86)
a) Delete or rename the Sage 50 <edition> Edition Version <year> folder. Editions can be “Pro”, “Premium”, “Quantum” or “Accountant”. 
b) Delete or rename the Winsim folder. 
6. Go to Documents
a) Backup the Simply Accounting/ Backups folder to an external drive. 
b) Delete or rename all Sage Software and Simply Accounting folders. 
7. Next, open C:\Users\Public\Public Documents and delete or rename all Sage Software and Simply Accounting folders. 
8. Click on Start, Run and type Regedit.
9. After that, you need to Backup or restore registry keys in the Windows Registry Editor. 
10. Once you are done with the above step, clean the registry.
11. In the end, download and install the latest version of Sage 50

Why I’m unable to open the sample company file?

Basically, there are various causes of having this kind of trouble when you decide to open the sample company file. Let’s explore what.
1. The data may be locked.
2. If you have antivirus in your system then it might be blocking access to the data.
3. Your data may be corrupt.
4. Your Sage 50 version might not be up-to-date.
5. Access to your network might be automatically down.
5. McAfee’s real-time scanning is blocking the conversion process.
6. The Windows OS is not up-to-date.
7. Network is set to the public.
8. .NetFramework 3.5 is not installed (on the new computer).
9. Pending Windows Updates to install.

Do you want to get rid of“the latest version of the Connection Manager is not installed on the database server, <server name>” error at any cost?

If your answer is yes then here’s the solution.

Resolution I: Verify which version of the Sage 50 Connection manager is on the workstation and on the server (main computer):
1. The Connection Manager must be on the same version on the server (main computer) and the workstation.
2. Double-click on the Storage System icon located on the Windows task bar on the bottom right corner (beside the clock) of your desktop.
3. After this, the Sage 50 Connection Manager window will pop-up.
4. You can see the version in the About section.
5. Now, compare the two versions (server/main computer and workstation).
6. If the Connection manager versions are not matching, you can simply install the latest Sage 50 Connection Manager on the server.
Resolution II: Install the Connection Manager on the server:
1. In order to proceed, login to the Server location.
2. Now, download the Sage 50 version of software from the download site and run file.
3. Choose the language then press OK.
4. Sage 50- Canadian Edition requires some mandatory software to be installed on your computer.
5. Click Install.
6. If Windows Firewall is enabled on this computer, you will see a screen to ask if you want Windows Firewall automatically configured to work with Sage 50.
7. You need to select Advanced if the server only stores the data file and no one uses the program on the server.
8. Click Next to proceed.
9. Select Server only for Sage 50 Server Components. 
10. Lastly, hit Finish when it completes. 

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