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Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the Company Data Location

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Sage 50 Accounting Software is used globally all around the world & with its advanced features, Sage 50 makes it Easier for Business Owners to handle their finances and accounts in a better way. Sage 50 Sometimes faces a few errors like “Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the Company Data Location”

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the Company Data Location

Sage 50 Cannot Connect to Company Data Location

Causes of Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the Company Data Location

The Cause for Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the Company Data Location is because of the Missing or damaged files in data path directory.

Read More Below:

  • The Password Protected Sharing is Enabled
  • Sage 50 US. Edition Shortcut is not available
  • Different Versions of Sage 50 are installed on Server and Workstation
  • The Data Path is Incorrect
  • Backup copy overwriting files with older versions because the entire folder was copied
  • The Workstation Configuration File Data Path is incorrect
  • The Program is run without administration privileges
  • Low or no space available on network drive
  • User Set as Local Account in Microsoft Windows
  • Network Access Blocked By Firewall
  • Disconnected Network Drive
  • Server cannot ping workstation or Workstation cannot ping server
  • The User is running the Sage 50 Program without administrative privileges
  • User Account Control is on on server or workstation

Solution of Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the Company Data Location

The Solution to Sage 50 Could not be Opened because the company Data Location is to check that the compatibility mode is not in use.

Read More Below:

Method 1: Disconnected Network Drive:

  • Try to open the drive by choosing my computer
  • Remap the drive if it cannot be found with the same map letter
  • Enter the correct username and password
  • Select Remember My Credentials
  • If the drive is on and found to be empty, reboot the system

Method 2: Domain Name Service Resolution Issues (DNS)

  • The user has a problem with the network’s Domain Name Service, if the software opens right after installing the network drive on the workstation or server if it is rebooted
  • User can enter a host’s file entry

Method 3: Delete Or Move Data Path Folder or Files

If the error is on a standalone computer

  • Remember the Path that is maintained in the error message
  • Exit Sage 50 and go to the path mentioned in the error message
  • If the Final Folder is Empty and any section of the path cannot be created reinstall the software
  • The Sage 50 Software data path should be inserted into the Sage 50 Software Data Path
  • Open Sage 50 Software and Confirm that the Error is Eliminated

Method 4: The Compatibility Mode Should not be in use

  • Select Properties from Context Menu
  • From Compatibility Tab uncheck the “Use Compatibility Mode to Run Software”
  • Verify that the Sage 50 Software is Error Free

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