Sage 50 Quantum 2019 Support

Sage 50 Quantum 2019 Support

Sage 50 Quantum 2019 Support is the multi-functional business and accounting management solution, which ensures and provides strength in the areas given below:

1. Financial Management

This software is designed specially to comply with the GAAP, which also stands for generally accepted accounting principles. It has checkpoints and features which provide the security and accuracy that enables your business to run perfectly.

2. Customer Management

It can help you to synchronise, automate and organise the business processes that are customer related. It will also help in reducing the costs of customer service and costs of marketing.

3. Inventory Management

It helps in tracking your orders and ensures that no bottlenecks are formed and your orders keep on flowing smoothly. It replenish the inventory automatically.

4. Vendor Management

You can easily view the supplier as well as vendor information, which includes the purchase orders and the payments, by clicking just a button.

5. Payroll/Employee Management

With Sage 50 Quantum Accounting you can manage the payroll by yourself or select from the payroll service which includes e-filing, print and sign tax forms, direct deposit including full outsourced payroll service.

6. Jobs Management

It ensures that you are able to track your job status, manage the projects and get the real time needs of reporting fulfilled. Information is displayed through a single screen, related to the particular job, which is customised in order to show the data exactly in a way you want to get it linked with the details and get it secured by access rules set by you.

7. Business Intelligence Reporting

Collections Manager and Cash Flow Manager ensure that finances in your company are maintained and achieved efficiently.

You are able to recognise the available opportunities and can monitor the trends through 140 plus built-in reports. It allows you to create the customised reports by using the Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting, which is the power Excel and Microsoft based reporting solution. It is integrated with the Sage 50 Quantum Accounting.

8. Workflow Management

You can track easily all the parts of the process of your order, from one centralised location, which ensures that you do not miss anything. It notifies the other person too which is in process about the status as well as specific notes that are needed. Notifications are send automatically to the designated customers, vendors and employees, after the task gets complete.

9. Multi-User Management Security

You can get 40 users added up and can grant them the access as per the screens they are using. It could be manger easily in admin center.

Industry specific Features

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting comes with the features that are industry specific, and designed in a way so that it can support specialised companies and can manage their operations in a better way, by handling reporting needs and specific functionality without compromising on flexibility and strength of accounting.

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