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Sage 50 Bits Error

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Sage 50 Bits Error

When it comes to accounting, Sage 50 is one of the best players. Sage 50 is designed for the needs and requirements of organizations and companies. Anyone can use this application easily from anywhere. But sometimes, it shows some error and the bits error is the most common in this. Sage 50 needs a minimum configuration of operating system Vista SP1 or XP SP3. In order to install the Sage 50 application, you should have one of the accompanying operating systems: Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP (64-bit) SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 8. At this point, if you are unable to install after fulfilling the requirement or you see the bits error message ‘the operating system isn’t compatible, then follow these provided resolutions to resolve this issue.


Operating System Warning

This resolution requires propelled information of the operating system of the computer. You should consult with the administrator of your system for help. Altering your Windows Registry inaccurately can seriously influence system tasks. Sage 50 isn’t in charge of task issues caused by mistakenly changing your Windows Registry. You should always keep a backup of the data before continuing with the advance resolution.

Cause of Error

The Cause for Sage 50 Bits Error is because the windows is not updated to the latest version.

Read more below:

  • The operating system is not compatible
  • Compatibility option activated for the installer
  • The User Account Control is blocking the access of the installer’s to the system information
  • The input of Tablet PC is enabled
  • Windows is not updated
  • Solution


To resolve the Sage 50 Bits Error Ensure your system has supported and compatible operating system for Sage 50.

Read More Below in detail:

The resolution I: The Setup file or record is configured in order to run into the compatibility mode for another version of Windows

  • Repeat the Step II, for 1-2
  • Press the Right-click of the mouse on the setup.exe file and then select the Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility button
  • Click on the Change settings for all users’ option
  • In case it’s checked, then uncheck it and Run the program into the compatibility mode and after that click on OK button.
  • Click on the Peachw folder
  • Click on the Install folder
  • Press the Right-click on the _setup.exe file and then repeat it into the Steps 2-5
  • Important: In case the option ‘Run the program/application into the compatibility mode wasn’t marked for the setup.exe file or either for_setup.exe file, at the point skip to the next step
  • Press the Double-click on the_setup.exe file
  • In case the error still persists, proceed to the next Step

Resolution II: Ensure your system has supported and compatible operating system for Sage 50 accounting program

  • In case the system doesn’t have a supported variant of Windows, at the point, an update will be essential to install the Sage 50 program.

Resolution III: Now Install as an Administrator

  • Open the Computer
  • Browse the location of Sage 50 program installation files (default location is C:\Sage\Sage50_20XX_X)
  • Click on Peachw folder
  • Click on Install folder
  • Press the Right-click on the_setup.exe file and then choose Run as an Administrator

Resolution IV: User Account Control Disable

  • Make sure you can install the program now.

Resolution V: Delete the Temporary Files

  • Open the Computer
  • Locate to C:\Windows\Temp
  • Press the CTRL+A button in order to select all of the files
  • Press the Delete button from the keyboard

Important: In case any of the files couldn’t deleted, at the point click the Skip button

  • Close the PC
  • Press the WINDOWS KEY+R button from the keyboard
  • Type the command %temp%
  • Click on the OK button
  • Repeat the Steps from 3-6
  • Re-install the program

Resolution VI: Disable the Input of Tablet PC

  • Press the WINDOWS KEY+R button from the keyboard
  • Type the command services.msc
  • Click on the OK button
  • Press the Right-click on the Tablet PC Input
  • Alter the Startup type into Disabled
  • Click on the OK button
  • Re-install the program

Resolution VII: Latest Windows Updates Installation

  • Into the Windows 7, and Vista, click on the Start button, go to the All Programs list, and click on the Windows Update
  • In case of Windows 8, look the right sidebar of the computer screen, now click on Settings, and then Change the PC settings, after that click on the Update and recovery.

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