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Sage ERP X3 Index Incorrect Error

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Sage ERP X3 is a one of its kind ERP accounting software that performs more than just financial activities by looking after the needs of manufacturing and supply industry as well. It provides you with an added benefit of speeding up manufacturing processes ensuring consistency and accuracy in both quality and quantity of the product.

Distribution operations are also speeded up with this software in hand as you can take advantage of:

  • Real-time visibility where supply chain is concerned.
  • Keep time to time track on your inventory and warehousing functions.
  • Expedite response time of your esteemed customers.
  • Real-time information as to what customers think about your product.

Sage ERP X3 Index Incorrect Error

Sage ERP X3 – Index Incorrect Error – ‘ITPPCU (99): Index Incorrect’

In certain circumstances while trying to access Sage ERP X3 an error pops up with the message ‘ITPPCU (99): Index Incorrect’. This problem generally occurs in the scenarios related to grid of items that are displayed. The main supplier grid is referred as Block set of the table along with a number of columns fixed. An example of this error is when a particular product has more than 99 suppliers related to it.

Solutions of Sage ERP X3 – Index Incorrect Error

To resolve this issue there two main resolutions as listed below:

Resolution 1 – Blocking Table without using an Activity Code

To resolve the problem of Index incorrect Error, set a higher number for the variable of Line. Ensure that the value set will cover up most of the lines for the particular data product. Now set an Activity Code to secure the change. Save and re-check the accuracy in the screen. The error on the Sage ERP X3 screen should no longer be persistent.

Resolution 2 – Blocking Table while using an Activity Code

In some scenarios, an activity code is employed in order to define most number of lines available in the table. For example in some screens, Activity Code ‘SOH’ is employed for defining table, in place of hard coded digits for lines for the table. The number of lines related with the SOH activity code is given number like 200. If more than 200 lines can be considered under the sales order, the value should automatically be changed to the Activity Code set.

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