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Sage Error 1020: Access Denied

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Sage Error 1020 Access Denied

Sage 50 Error 1020: Access Denied is a connection problem on sites that use the Cloudflare proxy. This indicates that you’ve violated a firewall rule and your request is blocked. When the CDN understands that the IP address tries to establish the connection with the website, it marks in the internal settings to be blocked. The CDN does not allow the connection, as it identifies a risk to the site.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Error 1020: Access Denied

Sage 50 Cannot be Started: Access Denied

Causes Of Sage 50 1020: Access Denied

Sage 50 Error 1020 Access Denied is caused due to damaged or missing files in the data path.

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  • The Network Drive is Disconnected
  • The Space offered on a network drive is low or there is no space available
  • The software is run without administration rights
  • Incorrect Security/Permission shared on the folder
  • The Server Cannot Ping the Workstation or the Workstation Cannot Ping the Server
  • Different Versions of the Software have been installed
  • Files Damaged or Missing Files in the data path
  • The User Account Control has been turned on the server of workstation
  • The entire Organization Folder copied from a backup file with an older version

Solution To Fix Sage 50 1020: Access Denied

To Solve the Sage 50 1020: Access Denied Error Uninstall the Sage 50 Accounting Software and then reinstall it.

Read More Below:

Step 1: Edit the file in a different location

  • Bring the INI File to the window desktop
  • Make the required changes and save them

Step 2: Modified Permissions on the Peachtree240.ini file

  • Browse to C:/ Common Files/Program Files (X86)/ Peach
  • Right Click on the Peachtree240.ini file
  • Select Properties
  • Choose the Security tab and then choose advanced
  • Click the owner tab and then edit
  • After Selecting the change owner box, choose the username and then apply
  • Click the displayed message and choose them on each screen to close them
  • Select change permissions
  • Select Users (Users/computer name) and then edit
  • Give the users full control and select OK
  • Repeat the steps 11-12 as administrators and System
  • Click OK on each screen to close them

Step 3: Verify the DNS Settings

  • To Display the run command, Press Windows Key + R on the server
  • Enter CMD and click OK
  • Enter ipconfig, and press enter
  • Remember the IPv4 Address
  • Enter the host Rename and then press enter
  • Remember the name of the computer and go to workstation
  • Repeat the Steps 1-6
  • Type Ping and then Enter
  • Ensure that the Workstation gets a response from the server noted IP Address
  • Go Back to the server and use the workstation’s computer name
  • Add a hosts file to the erring system, until the DNS is solved

Step 4: Uninstall Sage 50 Accounting Software

  • Browse to C:/ Common Files/Program Files (X86)/
  • Rename to Peachold from the peach folder
  • Reinstall Sage 50 Accounting Software

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