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How to Fix Sage 50 Error 2908? – [Resolved]

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Sage 50 Error 2908

Sage 50 error 2908 is a well known installation error caused by damaged .NET framework files. These files are required by almost all the software that run on windows platform. This framework enables the software to work on the system. Another important thing to note here is, if the user didn’t have the .NET framework then the installer would have crashed. Since, the installation begins, we can assume that the .NET framework is already installed on your system.

Error Code
How to Fix Sage 50 Error 2908? – [Resolved]Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description

Sage error 2908: Installation error caused by damaged .NET framework files.


Sage 50
The cause for Sage Error 2908 is due to file editing permissions on a user’s computer. Applies to:

Symptom Installation of Microsoft.NET Framework has been corrupted. Possible Solution

Install the software with Correct Permissions.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage Error 2908

Sage error 2908: Installation error caused by damaged .NET framework files.

Reason behind the Sage Error -2908

The cause for Sage Error 2908 is due to file editing permissions on a user’s computer.

To know more read below:

  • The installation of Microsoft.NET Framework has been corrupted.
  • Windows registry on your system is corrupted or damaged.


Install the software with Correct Permissions.

To know more read  below

Fixing the .NET Framework

Fortunately, in windows we have the option to repair any program from the Programs and Features window. The installation files are stored for the program and the installer is launched to fix all the files. You do not have to download the setup again unless the repair files are damaged as well.

Follow the steps provided below to repair the files for .NET framework on your system:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on Programs and Features
  • Find .NET Framework and Right click on it
  • Select Repair
  • Installer for the programmer will be launched. Select Repair and click ok
  • Wait for the repair process to finish and click on Ok.

Now you can launch the installer for Sage 50 and install the software on your system.

Note: If the repair process failed, then most probably the repair files for the program are damaged as well. You should uninstall the program if this is the case. To uninstall, simply click on the uninstall option instead of repair.

Scan your system

Viruses, malwares and ransomware are often known to interfere with the installation of programs and can even damage the system files that are required for installation. Hence, it is important for you to scan your entire file system with a good security software before beginning the installation. If any malicious software is found on your system, delete it as soon as possible and restart the installation for this accounting software.

What is Sage 50?

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How can AccountingErrors help You?

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1. Ok, so I installed the .NET framework correctly but still cannot install the software. I am not getting Sage error 2908 but still the installation fails?

One major possibility of this is administrative privileges. Make sure you have logged in through an administrative account or have permissions to install software on your system.

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