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Sage Pay Error 5080 (form transaction registration failed)

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Sage Pay Error 5080 (form transaction registration failed)

What is Sage Pay 5080 Form Transaction Registration Failed & How to Fix It?

Sage 50 Pay 5080 is the most common error issue you may face while running with this software. As like other errors, this error also indicates the failure extent which may affect all your business operations. This error is usually occur when user registering the form transaction. You have to resolve this error as soon as possible otherwise it may effect on your business economy.

Here, you get all necessary information about this Sage error Code and get complete assistance to resolve this error problem.

Error Code
Sage Pay Error 5080Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description
Form Transaction Registration FailedSoftware:

Sage 50
The encrypted password you are using may have been entered wrongly Applies to:

Symptoms Registration of the form failedPossible Solution

Enter the correct password in Sage Pay Control Panel

Why Sage Pay Form Error 5080 Occurred

There are a few things that may cause Sage Pay Form Error 5080 is if the encrypted password you are using may have been entered wrongly, for that first check if the password entered is matching the password set by you.

Causes behind the “Sage Pay 5080 Form Transaction Registration failed” are all listed below:

  • Registering the form transaction process is the major cause behind this error. When specific users who have subscribed to Sage Pay use a lot of different methods to register the form transaction, this error will pop-up on your
  • When a user enters the wrong encrypted password or takes more than one chance to enter the encrypted password, this error will appear on your open window.
  • While running with Sage Pay, some issues occur which leads to this problematic error.

How to fix Sage Pay 5080 Form Transaction Registration Failed?

If the user remembers the correct password, then must enter it into the sage pay control panel then Sage error 5080 can be fixed.

Below are the steps mentioned in detail:

To fix the Sage Pay 5080 Form Transaction Registration failed, you need to perform these methods with following steps:

User has to be check and reset the encrypted error with the following instructions:

Total Time: 6 minutes

  1. Step One

    If a user enters the right encryption password, then you can easily move forward with further processing. In any case, if user is not accessible to enter the right encryption password then crypt sting may cause this issue

  2. Step Two

    Users must be sure about to go with simple log-in mode and enter the remembered encryption password into the admin control panel of sage Pay. The condition is to login into the panel that it must be an administrative

This above method is applicable when you enter an incorrect encrypt password but must be sure to enter all different encrypted passwords which are accessible for TEST as well as LIVE.  Same encrypted password may cause the same error repeatedly.

When you face this error problem due to the Form transaction registration with these following steps:

  • First of all, users have to log-in into Sage Pay with the correct administrator ID and password.
  • After that, move forward with invalid sub-screen from the drop-down given preferences.
  • The unauthorized transaction appears in the given section with complete details and it may appear on your open window with additional error code.
  • After that, on your screen, you get all transactions brought which are already converted into the context. It leads to an error issue with encryption login.

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